Hitchhiking in Iceland

Hitchhiking in Iceland is nothing like the United States. Not only is hitchhiking legal, but it’s a preferred means of transportation for many foreign and local travellers. Icelanders are renowned for their kindness and overall friendliness, so picking up hitchhikers is seen as an interesting addition to the original journey for most Icelanders. While hitching a ride around Iceland is common, it’s generally unheard of for people to hitchhike during the winter season. For a full account of our journey check out VidBee's Journal

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When Do You Feel the Most Alive?

SEEDS Iceland Photo Marathon participants created an exhibit centered around the "People of Reykjavik." We worked with composition and the art of capturing the essence of a subject in a portrait, and then set out to photograph individuals in Reykjavik. Along with the photos, we asked the question: "When do you feel the most alive?". The answers varied, and were as unique as the subjects themselves. We shared their answers, and here's a little glimpse of what makes each of us feel the most alive. The exhibit is up until February 18th in the Reykjavik City Hostel, so if you get the chance, check it out!

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What does 3 months in Iceland look like? Take a look below!