Chinatown Checkers & Karaoke 

Living in Chinatown NYC has its perks, and one of them is Columbus Park. I love walking through the busy park every morning, and trying to practice my Mandarin with the women playing cards. If you're visiting Manhattan, you have got to stop by and see the little piece of magic for yourself!

Bicycling in Manhattan

Ever wonder what it'd be like to bicycle through the chaotic streets of Manhattan? Do you actually know the feeling of dodging taxis and pedestrians on a daily basis? Experience a warped speed GoPro view of riding a CitiBike from Chinatown to Central Park during the fall season.

Staten Island Ferry Morning Excursion

I had been living in NYC for 6 months, and had yet to take the free ferry ride to Staten Island, so one morning I decided to take that ride. Solo excursions are always fun, especially in your own backyard! And what would any experience be without some delicious food afterwards? 

  Two Hands NYC in Nolita is one of my favorite breakfast spots in the city. I met JD there for an acai bowl and coffee. Then we walked down the block to one of my favorite cafes in the neighborhood, Greecologies, where we continued our caffeine addiction. 

  With thousands of coffee fueled artists like ourselves in NYC, it's important to find your perfect cafe in the city, because that will become your second home. 

Here are some of my favorite coffee spots for you to check out…cheers! 

Climate Change: Talks on the Street 

Today's hot topic is climate change and renewable energy. What do people on the streets of New York have to say about the issue? Check out how some of Generation Y are making positive changes to fight the effects of climate change.